Granite Phase San Luis Potosi King Snakes
(Lampropeltis mexicana mexicana)

Our Granite Phase Mex Mex are pretty and special. Our female started out looking like normal phase animals of this species but has transitioned into a “black phase” Granite Mex Mex. As she matured the grayish ground color between the brick red bands turned from gray to black. This heavy black “tinting” really accentuates the red banding, producing a very high contrast animal. Our stock came out of Europe through South Mountain Reptiles.

Locality Lemon Speckled King Snakes
(Lampropeltis getula holbrooki)

Locality-specific holbrooki from Harris County, Texas. Our breeding stock was collected just north of I-10 and east of Katy Texas. Our adults exhibit intense yellow coloration on the face, chin, and belly. Body speckles are very lemon yellow.

Outer Banks King Snakes
(Lampropeltis getula “sticticeps”)

Initially thought to be a relic intergrade between L.g.getula and L.g.floridana, these animals are indeed special and possess a great disposition for a medium sized kingsnake. Our OBK’s can be highly speckled at birth, but we have also noticed that speckling also develops with growth. Our stock is Hatteras Locality from Jim Kane.