Terms & Conditions

Forms of Payment Accepted:

Online payment through PayPal must be discussed via email or telephone prior to completing the transaction. Our PayPal email address is not the same as our contact email address. Online PayPal and Credit Card payments must be posted to our account prior to shipping (this usually takes 3 days).

All sales are final.


Customer reservations on specific animals that are newly hatched but not yet ready for shipping require a minimum deposit of 25% for us to hold that animal. This deposit is non-refundable unless SRR cannot deliver the specific animal. Full payment is required prior to shipping.


Short term (3 months maximum) payment plans can be arranged. Initial payment of 33% is required. All payments must be made in full prior to shipping. No refunds will be issued if the payment plan cannot be completed. Refunds will only be issued if SRR cannot deliver the subject animal at the end of the payment plan term. No payment plan extensions will be granted.


Shipment (door-to-door) is available through overnight express carriers. To request a shipping cost, please provide SRR with your zip code, and whether we would be shipping to a business or a residence. For those customers in rural areas which require longer delivery vehicle routes (more truck time), we recommend that animals be shipped to the nearest overnight express carrier facility and be held for pick up by the customer. Shipment is also available for select animals Airport-to-Airport through Delta Dash. Shipment options will be discussed on an order-by-order basis. SRR will not ship any animal if weather, temperature or travel conditions are not acceptable for reptile shipment on both the shipping side and receiving side of the intended delivery route. This includes regional weather related events such as flash flooding, tropical storm and hurricane developments, tornados, heat waves, blizzards, and other weather related events that may delay delivery outside of the 24-hour overnight express delivery window. We do not ship during the Christmas Holidays due to system overloads. We do not offer international shipping at this time. 


SRR requires confirmation receipt of shipment from the customer within two (2) hours of delivery (unless previously discussed) based on package tracking information provided by the overnight express carrier. It is the responsibility of the customer to make necessary personal scheduling arrangements to ensure prompt pickup of the shipment and inspection of its contents. In the cases of Airport-to-Airport deliveries and “Hold for Pickup” deliveries at express carrier facilities, customers are expected to arrive at the facility within a reasonable period of time for pick up, inspect contents and to confirm receipt of shipment as soon as they take possession of the package. Confirmation of delivery can be sent via email, text message or telephone call stating that the animals have been delivered safely. In the case of non-receipt of delivery confirmation from the customer within the allotted time frame, SRR will automatically assume the animals have been delivered safely and be absolved from any present or future liability related to the shipment of the animals. SRR must be contacted immediately by phone in the case of “DOA” animals for instructions on providing proof of death (photos and/or video) and follow-up procedures.


You, the buyer must be responsible for knowing the status of protected or threatened snake species in your resident state. Check with your local Department of Parks and Wildlife to find out if it is legal to possess or buy the species of snake you are interested in your state. This primarily applies to Speckled King snakes (Lampropeltis getula holbrooki).